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this blog is artistically trashy, but even trash were useful once

beware of the bunny


We all have had this moment. We all have that certain picture we drew way back when and considered it “our best piece”, only to cringe at the very sight of it maybe a year or two afterwards. As much as you want to shun it from the world, it brings back memories, all the blood, sweat, tears, and eye sight you put into it, haha.

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2 years later ?! lol…. 2 months later….




…And then there’s the fear that grips you when you think that they will unwatch if you take a false step.

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Story of my life >w<

Story of my dA life
mastah i am not worthy 

Story of my tumblr life


This happens to me all the time.

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oh…idk. mix of cartoon anime , semi realism…so i draw in MY style , kk ?

yes mum … please..please STFU!